///Ovulation Predictor Tests – CASSETTE FORMAT : 5 Test Pack

Ovulation Predictor Tests – CASSETTE FORMAT : 5 Test Pack


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5 Cassette style ovulation tests with a handy disposable dropper

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Patient ID platform ideal for those wishing to record data or results.

Designed for professional and home use.

Easy to use option  includes dropper for accurate measurement.

Simply put 5 drops of urine in the collection well using the disposable dropper provided and read.

99% accurate results in less than 5 minutes

Each cassette and dropper is individually packaged in a foil pouch with moisture absorbing desiccant for protection.

Sensitivity 25mlU

How Many Ovulation Tests Should I Buy?

Five tests will provide enough tests to carry out approximately one month/cycle of testing for a woman with a regular 28 day cycle. However some woman like to test twice a day particularly if they get light test lines appearing prior to the surge. Please be sure to change the quantity in the shopping card from 1 to the number you require prior to completing your puchase.

Why Choose Baby4You Ovulation Tests?

a) Made by respected western manufacturer.
b) Carefully chosen following extensive testing & trials of the many tests available and specifically chosen for their consistent performance, accuracy, quality and reliability.
c) Tried & trusted by NZ woman, health practitioners & clinics for over 5 years
d) Come with a high quality detailed colour instruction booklet with handy fertility testing tips.
e) Industry standard 25ml/U sensitivity – no chance of false positives as with lower sensitivity tests.
f) 99% accurate results in < 5 minutes
g) ISO 13485, ISO 9001 certification, CE Mark, FDA, TGA, Health Canada approval & Medsafe NZ WAND notification.

Additional information

Weight 69 g
Dimensions 10 × 20 × 22.10 cm