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Ovulation Microscopes

Ovulation microscopes work by detecting changes in the level of estrogen hormone in a woman’s body. Like ovulation tests, ovulation microscopes also allow you to predict ovulation several days in advance. Ovulation microscopes have the advantage of being reusable, and so for a one-off purchase price you can carry out unlimited testing.

When some small fern-like patterns first become visible this indicates that ovulation is likely to occur within the next three to four days. Over the next few days this fern-like pattern will increase until it comes to dominate the view. This strong ‘ferning’ pattern indicates that ovulation is about to occur or has just occurred. This is your most fertile time of your cycle.

For best results you should test a small sample of your saliva, preferably first thing each morning before eating, drinking or brushing your teeth. Simply place a small sample of saliva onto the lens window and allow it to dry completely.  Once thorou, view the sample through the microscope. Press the LED light button to illuminate your saliva sample. To sharpen the image turn the focusable eyepiece. If you are ovulating or about to ovulate a ferning crystal-like pattern will be visible.

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