//Manuka Honey Breast Pads for Nursing Mothers

Manuka Honey Breast Pads for Nursing Mothers


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Sweet Relief for New Mums

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Manuka Health Breast Pads with Manuka Honey are soft, cooling hydrogel pads infused with sterile Medical Grade MGO™ 400+ Manuka Honey on a flexible cloth backing.

The breast pads are designed to absorb milk leakage whilst providing a cooling and comforting sensation on contact. The pliable gel conforms to the breast while the flexible cloth backing helps control movement and prevent bra friction.

These breast pads are reusable, simply store on the plastic liner in between applications.  They can be used for up to 3 weeks, or until fully saturated with breast milk or fluid.

Fantastic for mums  who need relief from the discomfort of cracked or irritated nipples without drying out or sticking to the nipple.

Each box contains 1 pair of 7 cm circular sterile reusable breast pads with plastic storage liners.

Questions and Answers about Manuka Honey Breast Pads

Q.  How long can I wear my pads for? 

A.  You can wear the pads in between feeds until the pads are fully saturated with breast milk.

Q.  When do I know when to change my pads? 

A.  You need to change the pads when they are fully saturated with breast milk or contain blood or pus from wounds on your nipples.

Q.  Do I remove the white backing fabric? 

A.  No do not remove the white backing fabric.  The bi-directional stretch fabric stops any friction between the breast and the undergarment.  It also allows the pad to be very conformable.  When you open the packet remove the pads from the plastic liner and place the gel side of the pad directly over the breast.

Q.  Can I wipe my pads down with water? 

A.  Do not wash or rinse the breast pads. The special hydrogel technology with Manuka Honey doesn’t respond well to water.  When you aren’t utilising the pads, replace on to the plastic liners, back into the packaging and keep them in the refrigerator for an extra cooling effect.

If the pads seem to be drying out you can wipe with a damp cloth to remove any lint or dust accumulation, but do not immerse in water.

Q.  When should I use the pads? 

A.  You should place a Manuka Health Breast Pad on to your breast when you have the first sign of a cracked or painful nipple.  Some mothers may choose to utilise the pads just for their cooling and soothing effect.  This will assist you in getting through the first few weeks of breastfeeding.

Q.  Do I need to use both pads at once?

A.  No if you have just one breast causing you issues you can utilise just one pad and keep the other as a spare and use as required.  Leave the spare pad on the plastic liner and in the packaging until required.

Q.  I’ve read that you shouldn’t give honey to an infant under one year of age? 

A.  You are correct.  Honey should not be fed to infants younger than one year of age.  Clostridium bacteria that cause infant botulism usually thrive in soil and dust. However, they can also contaminate certain foods — honey in particular.  Parents can reduce the risk of infant botulism by not introducing honey or any processed foods containing honey into their baby’s diet until after the first birthday.

Honey that is treated via gamma-irradiation, a process that kills clostridial spores is safe to use.  The Manuka Health Breast Pads have been sterilised via gamma irradiation which is effective on all clostridial spores. This process does not change the effectiveness of the Manuka Honey and is safe for you and your baby.