///The Natural Way to Better Babies. By Fancesca Naish & Janette Roberts

The Natural Way to Better Babies. By Fancesca Naish & Janette Roberts


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Preconception healthcare for prospective parents. Incredible bestseller – now in its 5th Printing

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Did you know that the food you eat, the environment you live in and the lifestyle you lead in the months before you conceive a child can have a profound effect on the wellbeing of your baby? That if you are having problems conceiving you might help to resolve them if you improve your diet? And that preconception health care, as outlined in this book, can prevent miscarriage, premature and stillbirths, congenital abnormalities and has a better than 80 per cent success rate in the treatment of Infertility. Did you know that by following its simple principles, you can actively help to ensure your baby will be content and alert, won’t suffer from colic, feeding problems or other common ailments, and will he less likely to suffer from allergies, asthma or behavioural problems? Welcome to the wonderful world of Better Babies, the complete, easy-to-follow guide to preconception health for both prospective parents. Naturopath, herbalist, hypnotherapist and bestselling author of Natural Fertility, Francesca Naish runs Australia’s only clinic dedicated to helping people conceive happy, healthy babies naturally. Janette Roberts is a pharmacist and clinical nutritionist who specialises in preconception health care at one of Australia’s first wellness centres. She is the Australian representative of Foresight, the British Association for the Promotion of Preconceptual Care. Together they are the authors of The Natural Way to a Better Pregnancy and The Natural Way to Better Birth and Bonding.ISBN 978-0-09183-135-6 RANDOM HOUSE AUSTRALIA 372 pagesSoftcover

This bestselling book by Francesca Naish provides trying to conceive couples with everything they need to know about pre-conception health care.

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