///Pregnancy Planning Package | Three appointments

Pregnancy Planning Package | Three appointments


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Wanting a baby? Three appointments New Zealand wide by Skype or in person in Auckland.

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Be in control of your own fertility. Empower yourself with the knowledge of your own unique signs of fertility – no invasive gadgets or pill popping here; It is all natural.

It is a holistic approach whereby you observe your own body’s signals and changes between infertile and fertile phases in your menstrual cycle. You pinpoint the most fertile days in your menstrual cycle to maximise your chances of conception.

Trying for a baby is exhausting, both physically and mentally – using the sympto-thermal method takes the stress out of trying to conceive.


“No need to constantly have sex to make a baby…unless you want to, of course!”


As part of this package Lorraine will travel gently alongside you on your journey to pregnancy offering:

  1. Guidance and ongoing support whilst learning the sympto-thermal method. One on one instruction, at your own pace (for up to a year).
  2. Up to date research from NFNZ Medical and Scientific Advisory Board and Clinical Supervisor.
  3. Up to date pre-conception advice from DHBs and natural health care professionals where appropriate.
  4. Specialised knowledge on interpreting your unique menstrual cycle.
  5. The gift of the sympto-thermal method of fertility awareness which is useful at all stages of your reproductive life (useful also for general fertility awareness, pregnancy prevention (contraception and pregnancy prevention whilst breastfeeding.
  6. Lorraine can also give expert natural health care advice including herbal remedies, diet and lifestyle advice and body therapies to aid fertility as an experienced Ayurveda practitioner.

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