///Pregnancy Amulet A

Pregnancy Amulet A


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This selection has been created to provide comfort and support during your pregnancy journey

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These crystal selections have been specifically chosen to support with pregnancy, especially emotionally. Amulets are a wonderful and thoughtful gift. We suggest that in deciding which pack best suits your needs you select that which you are most drawn to instinctively when looking at the photos below.

Moonstone (creamy/white coloured stone with darker patches)
Offers deep emotional healing. It balances the female energies. It is the stone of new beginnings Believed to have a powerful effect on the reproductive cycle and is excellent for conception and pregnancy. Moonstone is a stone of protection, especially during pregnancy. It also soothes and relaxes during the birthing process. Stabilizes emotions and produces an overall calming effect. Use it to ease the discomfort of pregnancy and childbirth. Moonstone will also aid in assimilating nutrients and eliminating toxins
Rose Quartz (pale pink stone)
The stone of gentle love. It increases fertility. It also enhances the sense of love and well being both within and without. It creates a loving environment for your baby
Carnelian (orangey stone)
Influences the female reproductive organs and increases fertility. It is also said to aid in prevention of miscarriage. This grounding and protective stone increases your moods and releases sadness, fear or rage.
Unikite (pink and green stone)
Treats the reproductive system, aids healthy pregnancy.Malachite (green stone with darker bands on it)
Is a very protective stone, being especially helpful for protection during pregnancy, childbirth and protection for children. Malachite is believed to ease the pain of labour. Often called the Midwife Stone. It’s also the Guardian Stone. It has the ability to soothe and bring rest, helping sleep and balancing emotions.Bloodstone (dark green with redish markings )
Is a wonderful stone for increasing blood circulation during pregnancy. Calms the mind. Reenergises and revitalises when the body and mind are exhausted. Aids in circulation and regulates blood flow It is also known as the stone of courage, especially helpful when heading into labour, birth, and to help regulate blood flow and healing post birth.

These beautiful gemstones come presented in a pouch, perfect for popping in your purse. Details of each crystal are included along with comprehensive instructions about how best to use and care for your amulet.  

Please note the photo shown is not of the actual amulet you will receive, it will be similar but the sizes and shapes of the crystals and minerals will vary slightly from that shown. 

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Weight 45 g
Dimensions 7 × 2 × 9.5 cm