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NaturoPharm – Pre Birth


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A natural homeopathic spray for expecting mothers

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Pre-Birth is a natural homeopathic spray formulated to support normal muscle tone and promote normal and natural child birth. This combination of homeopathic remedies has been successfully trialed (see Biotherapie No 94, April, 1987)
Homeopathic remedies are drug free and have no known side effects. No animals have been used in the testing of Naturo Pharm homeopathic remedies.
Use 2 sprays per dose orally twice a day for 15 days prior to due date of birth.
Alcohol 11%, Arnica 5c, Caulophyllum 5c, Cimicifuga Race 5c, Gelsemium 5c, Pulsatilla 5c
Each 25ml bottle contains approx 150 sprays