Medela Contact Nipple Shields


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For temporary use when breastfeeding with sore, cracked or flat nipples.

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For temporary use when breastfeeding with sore, cracked or flat nipples. Medela contact nipple shields have a unique open section at the top to allow baby to stay in contact with your familiar smell.

  • Special contour allows maximum skin contact between mother and baby
    Made of ultra thin, soft silicone.
  • Odourless and tasteless

Medela Nipple Shields can be an effective tool for professionals and moms to manage infants with latch-on problems, for moms with overactive let-downs or for flat, inverted and sore nipples. They are also an invaluable tool in the NICU environment where latch can be problematic but critical for early growth. Contact Nipple Shields provide skin-to-skin contact for important mom/baby bonding.

Features and Benefits
Convenient – Offers fast solution for babies with latch difficulties
Comfortable – Designed with thin, pliable silicone for maximum comfort
Versatile – Available in Standard and Contact versions in 3 different sizes in sterile and non-sterile packaging to meet the needs of moms, babies, and professionals
Effective – Nipple shield use increases milk intake without decreasing total duration of breastfeeding for preterm infants
Sterile – 67203S: For immediate use in hospital
Chosen for you and your baby – All parts that come into contact with breast milk are BPA/DEHP Free.

Made from comfortable thin, soft silicone.

Size – Large 24mm
– Medium 20mm

          – Small 16mm

Comes in convenient box for hygienic storage and transport

Additional information

Weight 43 g
Dimensions 9.5 x 4 x 21 cm