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Fenugreek Capsules by Natures Way


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Supports milk production in breast feeding mothers

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Fenugreek seed has been used to increase milk production since biblical times. The herb contains phytoestrogens, which are plant chemicals similar to the female sex hormone estrogen. A key compound, diosgenin, has been shown to increase milk flow.

It has been found that fenugreek can increase a nursing mother’s milk supply within 24 to 72 hours after first taking the herb. Once an adequate level of milk production is reached, most women can discontinue the fenugreek and maintain the milk supply with adequate breast stimulation.

Fenugreek is one of the most important lactation herbs and has been used in ancient civilizations to support birth (Rome) and lactation (India). It was also used as incense and to embalm mummies in ancient Egypt. It is a wonderful herb for women, helping the breasts to develop and as an aid for nursing mothers. Currently, exciting research has shown that the seeds of the Fenugreek plant have strong anti-cancer abilities, and can prevent the growth of breast, liver, pancreatic and prostate cancer cells. Other research has revealed its ability to reduce cholesterol and blood sugars, which is beneficial for new mothers whose energy requirements are so high that they tend to crave carbohydrates.

To support normal healthy milk production during lactation.

Two capsules two to three times daily, preferably with food.

610mg fenugreek seed

To be used with caution in pregnancy, epileptics and young children.

Available in the following size:
100 Capsules

On A Personal Note:

Throughout my pregnancy I had looked forward to the opportunity to breastfeed my newborn baby. However following a traumatic birth I was shocked to find that the milk which I had naturally expected would be there just failed to arrive. Following 7 days of hospitalisation and many hours spent on a hospital breast pump in an attempt to “get my milk to come in” it looked like this was not to be and my baby was given formula.  Upon discharge I persisted with my dream of breastfeeding and visited a lactation consultant who amongst other things recommended that I took Fenugreek. With 24 hours of doing so the first signs of milk appeared and within a week I was solely breast feeding my son. At times when I noticed my supply was waining I would start supplementing once again and within a day my supply would be re-established


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