///Baby4You Early Detection MIDSTREAM Pregnancy Test – 5 Test Pack

Baby4You Early Detection MIDSTREAM Pregnancy Test – 5 Test Pack


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Now available in no mess midstream format. Capable of detecting hCG at 10IU/ml

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Why Choose Baby4You Pregnancy Tests?
  • BEST VALUE : The most economical testing option that we know of available on the New Zealand market today. Now you can test everyday until you get the answer you are looking for without breaking the bank!
  • EARLY DETECTION: Capable of detecting the pregnancy hormone hCG at very low levels of 10IU/ml instead of the standard 25IU/ml helps minimize the wait. In many instances results may now be obtained as early as 7 days after conception! Well before your next period is due.
  • HIGH ACCURACY: Over 99% accurate
  • HIGH QUALITY: Made by a respected manufacturer producing pregnancy tests for companies around the world these tests have past stringent quality control standards having obtained  ISO 13485, ISO 9001 certification, CE Mark and FDA Registration. Likewise they comply with the NZ Medicines Act requirements for distribution with Medsafe Ministry of Health.
  • TEST ANYTIME: Testing can be carried out at anytime of the day. Although we would recommend that you use first morning urine if you are testing right at the beginning of your pregnancy as first morning urine has the highest concentration of the pregnancy hormone hCG.
  • FIND OUT FAST: Depending on the concentration of hGC in the urine positive results may be observed in as early as 40 seconds!
  • EASY TO USE MIDSTREAM FORMAT: Simply hold in urine stream and read. No need to collect urine prior to testing
  • LENGTHY EXPIRY: Our tests  an approximate expiry date of 2 years
  • EASY TO USE: Simply hold in the urine stream for 5 seconds, lie flat and read.
  • QUALITY INSTRUCTIONS: Each test is individually foil wrapped and comes with detailed easy to follow instructions

Information about how pregnancy tests work can be viewed here.

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