///Angel Sounds Fetal Heart Beat Monitor

Angel Sounds Fetal Heart Beat Monitor


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The Angel Sounds Fetal Doppler enables you to experience the thrill of hearing your baby’s heartbeat, hiccups and kicks from as early as 12 weeks gestation.

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The Angel Sounds Fetal Doppler enables you to experience the thrill of hearing your baby’s heartbeat, hiccups and kicks from as early as 12 weeks gestation.

If you want quality at an affordable price, then the Angel Sounds Doppler is an excellent choice.

How does the Angel Sounds Fetal Doppler Work?

The Angel Sounds Fetal Doppler is a genuine ultrasound fetal Doppler which works on the principal of measuring the blood flow through your baby’s heart. The Angel Sounds Doppler uses the ultra sound effect to make your baby’s heartbeat clearly audible.

Although the Angel Sounds Doppler is cheaper than most other fetal Doppler’s on the market, the sounds of the fetal heart beat it produces are the same quality and perhaps because of the earphones, even better than other Doppler’s sold for home use.

Safe and easy to use the Angel Sounds Doppler is manufactured by a company that specialises in the manufacture of dopplers and other medical equipment for the medical profession.

Using ultra sound technology the Angel Sounds Doppler conforms with all necessary safety standards and regulations. It has ISO9001-200 and ISO13485 certificates and carries the CE mark of approval.

Share your pregnancy with family and friends
Thanks to the recording cable provided you are can capture these sounds for a lifetime. What a unique keepsake or way to share your pregnancy with distance friends and family. Simply record your baby’s heartbeat send it on disk, cassette or by email or listen directly over the phone. For instructions on how to record a fetal heartbeat using your the AngelSounds Doppler please click here.

Calm your restless newborn
Once baby is born, Angel sounds can also be used to record your own heartbeat. Played back to your newborn this will have a soothing and calming effect – a perfect solution for that restless newborn.

What will my baby’s heart beat sound like? 
Your baby’s heart beat is faster than your own beating around 120 to 160 times per minute. This sounds like the “clippety-clop” noise made by a galloping horse. Your baby’s hiccups will sound like rapid drumbeats and their kicks will sound like soft thuds. You can also hear nutrients passing through the placenta. This will have be a “whooshing” sound. 

Attractive Pastel Pink Colour 

Free Medical Grade Ultrasound Transmission Gel
As a special offer we will provide you with a FREE 60ml tube of Parker Aquasonic Ultrasound Gel, to use with your Doppler. This gel is recognised as the world standard for Medical Ultrasound Transmission and is the gel of choice by medical customers (Hospital & Private Sonographers) worldwide. This gel is acoustically correct for the frequency used by the Angel Sounds Doppler.


Model JPD-100S
Ultrasound  Frequency 3.3 MHz
Ultrasound Intensity <5mW/cm2
Maximum Sensitivity 12 week fetus
Power Supply 9 V Battery (included)
Certification ISO 9001 , CE certified product (European standard)
Dimension 120mm x 105mm x 65mm

Peace of Mind Guarantee
All Angel Sounds Doppler’s come with a six month manufacturers replacement guarantee. Should you Doppler develop a fault simply contact us and we will arrange for its return, assessment, repair or replacement.

Safety Considerations
As with all medical devices it is important that you read the instructions and use only as directed. Whilst there is no scientific research available to suggest that ultrasound is unsafe. In 2002, the British Medical Ultrasound Society issued a statement confirming that there has never been any evidence of harm resulting from the use of ultrasound in pregnancy. However, the technology behind ultrasound scanning is complicated, and it’s important to remember that this research was based on the work of health professionals who have training and guidance for its use. While there is no evidence as yet that Doppler’s are harmful in any way, there is also no research available to show the effects of a mother using a Doppler to listen to her baby two or three times a day throughout pregnancy. Therefore, we recommend that if you wish to err on the side of caution that you do not use this device more than once or twice a day and no more than 1 – 2 minutes at a time.

If you are at all concerned about using a fetal Doppler we would recommend that you consult with your doctor or midwife prior to purchase as they will able to advise you regarding the pros and con’s of Doppler usage.

Fetal Doppler heartbeat monitors are diagnostic devices and should not replace consultation with a medical professional, professional monitoring and attention during pregnancy. If you have any concerns regarding your own or your babies health during pregnancy you should speak with your medical professional immediately.

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